Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here is Mr. Snowman!

I finally finished my snowman ragtime quilt. We have the front of him on one side, and the other side is his back. If I was ever to make another one, I would change his vest to be all the same red material. I would also change the upper part of the background to the material that looks like clouds. It was kind of fun to make this one. I decided to make the lap quilt but the pattern also included the pattern for a wall hanging.

Yesterday, DH and I went to buy our Christmas tree. We stored it in our heated garage so it would melt the snow that was on it. Today, DH and I brought it in and we set it up. Then I decorated it. I have to say it does look nice.

Sunday afternoon, DH and I went to pick up my Christmas gift of a new pair of washer and dryer front load at that. DH hooked them up yesterday and I was not long getting them working for me. Cathey kept telling me how wonderful her set was and she was right. They work so much better than my old set.

Christmas day is going to be rather quiet around here this year. Cathey and her DH will not be home for that day. My MIL will be here if she is up to the drive from Moncton on Christmas eve. My brother and his wife, who usually spend that day with us, will not be here either. I guess my brother and his wife are having DH and I over to their place on Sunday, for our Christmas dinner together. We are having the paraplegic bus to bring our mother, who is in a nursing home, to my brother's place for that afternoon.

Today started with light snow, then turned to light rain and now is back to light snow. We are just around the freezing mark. We are very thankful that we are not getting that really cold weather that they are having out west.

Have a great week, everyone!


Irene said...

Love, love, love the snowman ! Sometimes I wish I knew how to quilt. We had a dusting of snow yesterday, then it warmed up and rained today.

Karen said...

I adore that snowman
we are having a quiet Christmas as well, I'm sleeping as I work Christmas eve and night

Pumpkin said...

A job well done Mom! He looks fantastic :o) Warm and comfy too!

Congrats on your new washer and dryer. I'm glad you're happy with them :o)

I wish we were going to see you before you leave :o( I'm going to miss meeting up with you and Dad. I do hope Gram comes for Christmas.

So where's the picture of the tree????

Rachael said...

Oh he is lovely!!
Yes I agree with Cathey where is the picture of your tree :0)
Have a wonderful Christmas

~Tammy said...

Ohhhhh he is too cute! I love it!