Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sneak Peak at my Sampler Quilt

Well folks, you now can see why I haven't been blogging. The top picture shows off a bit of the quilting frames that my hubby built for me. He even made a little tray on each end of the frames, which one can be seen in the picture, for my tea, coffee or cold drink. After he built these frames, I just had to make quilts - hard job!!! LOL

The second picture is the quilt I put on the frames a week ago. This quilt top was made a few years ago (5 years ago, I think), but for some reason or other, I never quilted it until now. When I started it, I had all the colours except the black and I needed one more colour to give it a zip. I decided to add the black and lo and behold it worked. The backing is the same material that I used on the big border. I am quite pleased with the way it is coming together. I love the hand quilting part of any quilt. I have rolled twice so far, so the quilting is coming along nicely.

The temperatures here have been above freezing quite a bit and we have had a fair amount of rain. We are getting rid of our snow quite fast and all this rain and melting snow has caused the river which runs through the middle of Fredericton to rise and people living along the river to keep a close watch on the rising water. An ice jam at this stage of the game would mean serious flooding.

I live on a lake and the only thing we worry about is when the ice starts to move, if the winds come our way, the ice can pile up on the shores and cause damages to the lawns, trees and walls that happen to be in the ice's way. Some years, the ice just melts away and no harm comes to anything.

We are now seeing robins around our house which is very encouraging that Spring is here. We are starting to think about RVing even if it is at least two months away. There is still about 5 feet of snow piled up where we store the RV in the summertime, so I guess it will be a while before we can take our RV out of storage and get it ready for travelling.

I better get going if I want to get back to my quilting. Have a great day everyone!