Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer a Busy Time

On my last blog, I mentioned that we had an awful mess in the attic of our RV. Well it took almost a month, getting the RV to the dealer for them to take down the ceiling, and over $1,700 for us to regain our RV to a usable state. The dealer found 2 big mice (dead for a while), a large squirrel, two little squirrel tails, and the wing of a bird. How all that got in there, we have absolutely no idea. The mother squirrel, we figure, had died about a week before the ceiling was taken down. After they put the ceiling back up with new insulation in there, the bad smell was gone. We had Sears to come in and clean the carpets and the sofa which was the only piece of furniture left in the RV. Then we went at cleaning the ceiling, walls and floors. Once that was done, we cleaned the rest of the furniture before putting it back in the RV. She is back to normal and smells clean. We have used it on two outings so far and things are back to normal there.

Our summer so far has been extremely busy. DH has been working hard putting up a new deck for our side door and now is building a walk to it. Last week, DH and I washed the siding on the house, the spiders and earwigs are just terrible this year. We are having a man come in next week to spray - guarantees to get rid of all of this. We are told that because of the milder winters, they are more plentiful.

Last weekend, we went to St. Martins and camped at our favorite spot. It was the beginning of Old Home Week and again, this year, they had yard sales from one end of the village to the other. So, of course, I was on a search mission again for anything that I collect. I was fortunate enough to find a very pretty cornflower dish at an extremely good price. It was one of those moments that you want to tell your car driver, 'Start the Car', for fear they will change their mind.

While in St. Martins, we met a lovely couple from British Columbia. We made friends very quickly and they came back with us and stayed a couple of nights with us. Camping is so much more fun when you meet people from afar.

I do believe I have most of my work caught up and hope to get back to my quilting. I am missing it.

Well, enough of my woes for today. Have a great week everyone!