Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Coming Up!

Today is not very nice weather wise. We had about 3 inches of snow last night and today, the wind picked up and that snow is blowing around making it very dangerous driving. The radio is telling people to stay home if you don't have to go out.

We had a great week with my MIL here. We are taking her home tomorrow. It is hard to believe that she has been here a week already. We had a wonderful but quiet Christmas.

The people on our lake shore always get together for a New Year's Eve party and I believe it will happen again this year. Our dear friends have it at their place and the rest of us bring finger foods. Then at 12:00, fireworks are set off. Someone on the other side of the lake always set off fireworks as well, so it is kind of nice.

I want to wish everyone a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Just a short note to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We just got back from Moncton where we picked up my MIL. She is going to spend Christmas Day with us and hopefully she will enjoy her few days with us.

Our trip to Moncton began with us getting snow stuck because we left home before the plows came in our road. Because of having received 9 inches of snow between yesterday and through the night, even our 4x4 Tracker vehicle couldn't make it out to the main road. However, having great friends and neighbors came in handy as one of them towed us out.

Yes, we are definitely ready for tomorrow. It will be a rather quiet day but at least, we will be placing phone calls to all our close relatives.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Since a couple of you requested a picture of our Christmas tree, here it is. DH and I waited until after dark so you could see the lights lit up in the tree as well as in the little village underneath the tree. We bought our tree just up the road from us. The chap has a tree farm that he opens up to the public every year at Christmas time. He does have really nice trees and it is quite close to us so we shop there every year.

This year I have most of my baking done, just a bit more of shopping to do, and yesterday, I housecleaned the house so with a little bit of cleaning, I'm good to go. I do have to wrap presents yet but plan on doing that today.

This morning, DH was watching for our acrobat squirrel to come to one of our feeders and he noticed that the little goldfinches looked cold feeding. Then he told me to come and look at one of the birds as this bird was hanging on with just one leg. DH was right, this poor little bird has either been injured or was born with one leg hanging lose (no use at all). He seems to do ok though and does not let other birds push him away.

Today is another very cold and very windy day. The wind is blowing across the lake (which is frozen over now) and it is making an awful mess on our lawn (covered with snow) with broken twigs, pine needles, etc. There will be a lot of raking to be done next Spring.

DH is trying to register my new washer and dryer on the telephone and he has been waiting for 35 minutes now. He can't register online. They have just hung up on him. We tried again and it went right through. By the way, Cathey, I just love, love, love my new machines. They are so quiet and surprisingly enough, do not take all that much water either.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here is Mr. Snowman!

I finally finished my snowman ragtime quilt. We have the front of him on one side, and the other side is his back. If I was ever to make another one, I would change his vest to be all the same red material. I would also change the upper part of the background to the material that looks like clouds. It was kind of fun to make this one. I decided to make the lap quilt but the pattern also included the pattern for a wall hanging.

Yesterday, DH and I went to buy our Christmas tree. We stored it in our heated garage so it would melt the snow that was on it. Today, DH and I brought it in and we set it up. Then I decorated it. I have to say it does look nice.

Sunday afternoon, DH and I went to pick up my Christmas gift of a new pair of washer and dryer front load at that. DH hooked them up yesterday and I was not long getting them working for me. Cathey kept telling me how wonderful her set was and she was right. They work so much better than my old set.

Christmas day is going to be rather quiet around here this year. Cathey and her DH will not be home for that day. My MIL will be here if she is up to the drive from Moncton on Christmas eve. My brother and his wife, who usually spend that day with us, will not be here either. I guess my brother and his wife are having DH and I over to their place on Sunday, for our Christmas dinner together. We are having the paraplegic bus to bring our mother, who is in a nursing home, to my brother's place for that afternoon.

Today started with light snow, then turned to light rain and now is back to light snow. We are just around the freezing mark. We are very thankful that we are not getting that really cold weather that they are having out west.

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2009

How Time Flies!

This is a block from the quilt I started earlier this year but other things have taken precedence. I have eight of these blocks done but I need 16 more. The material is all cut out so it is just a matter of sewing it together now. But since Christmas is coming soon and we are getting ready for our trip to Florida in early January, I doubt that I will get a chance to do any more on it until we return in early April.

This quilt does not have any borders around each block, thus the reason for the number of blocks needed. Since the RV does not have a quilting room, I won't be taking it with me. Right now, I am trying to work on my snowman quilt - when I get any extra time.

We just came back from my daughter home in Nova Scotia. We had a wonderful time and both my husband and I were happy to see her and her husband. Thank you Cathey and Paul for the great visit and great hospitality. We enjoyed shopping with them and loved our time spent together. Hopefully, we didn't overdue it with your health.

While in Nova Scotia, my daughter took me to one of her favorite shops and I did pick up another beautiful piece of cornflower. It is so different that I could not resist buying it. I soon have to stop buying anymore of crystal or china as I am running out of space already.

Must run as DH and I are getting ready to wash our truck. We want to wash it and then store it until we leave for Florida. Hopefully, the day we leave will not be a dirty day for driving on the road and the truck will still be fairly clean for the drive down.

Have a great weekend everyone!