Friday, February 25, 2011

Not A Good Month

Usually February is a pretty good month for me. However, this February has not been fun at all. I started off the month by having to go to the doctor for a really bad cold which he put me on antibiotics to clear up the infection caused by this cold. Then, of course, we have had a snow storm after another after another with another big storm coming today. We have had so much snow that there is no place left to put what comes. DH even had to shovel off the roof of both the house and the garages. I don't think he ever had to do that before.

While I thought that this was the end of a bad month, on February 13th, we received a call from a dear friend that her husband D, who is DH's cousin and a close friend as well, had passed away early that morning. So, we packed up and went to Moncton for the funeral which happened on the 16th, a very sad day. February 16th is also my birthday - I know at my age I try to forget the birthdays, but I still wish the funeral could have been on a different day.

We came home on Thursday being very tired and emotionally drained. Guess what? On Friday, I came down with another nasty cold. Argggh! I am starting to feel better today so hopefully, things will not get as bad as the first one. I hate this February. The only good part of having to go to Moncton was that we did get to meet up and stay with my daughter and her hubby.

Enough of my woes for today. Last week, before I got sick, I bought myself a pair of Shape-Up sneakers. They are supposed to be the latest in sneakers and you have to wear them for short periods of time at first as they are supposed to correct your posture, tone your muscles and walk in a better form. Today, I am wearing them for a while in the house. They do feel really different on, I can see why they suggest wearing them for short periods at first. I do need to shape up so hopefully this will help.

The skies are getting dark and it looks like we are in for the start of our latest snow storm. It is supposed to start with rain, freezing rain and then a good amount of snow. I guess I will be doing my walking on my treadmill for a few days.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Go Away

This is unreal. We just got another snow storm last night and they are calling for another one on Tuesday. The picture is that of a neighbour's cottage before last night's storm. The deck rails are four feet high and the snow is at least 3 feet high on the deck. Do you believe this? DH just gets the driveways cleared with his tractor, and here it comes again within a couple of days. Now I wish we had gone South for the winter. To top it all, we have had high winds with most of the storms. Last year, we did go South and in this area, they never had any more that four or five inches of snow after we left. Ah well, I guess we can't do anything about it.
I started walking last Tuesday. The road we live on is 4 km. long and is gravelled. Right now, it is snow covered but the plow has been keeping it clean and it makes it fairly good for walking. A bit slippery if one is not careful. Yesterday, I walked 3.6 km as I increase it everyday. Today it will have to be the treadmill. I don't enjoy it as much as outdoors as even with the TV there, I find it a bit boring. As I write this, the sun has just come out but we are one of the last roads to be plowed so it will still be the treadmill today.
I am back to working on my quilt that I have on the quilt frames. I really do enjoy hand quilting and find it relaxing especially since DH has set me up with the TV, receiver, and a hard drive that acts like a PVR. I have taped a couple of good movies and put them on while I'm quilting. I must say, that is one good thing about staying in the North for the winter. My quilt is queen size and so it does take a lot of time and a lot of quilting to get it done.
The little birds are coming in groves today. We have the white breasted nuthatch, the rose breasted nuthatch, the chickadees, the goldfinches, the redpoles, the downy woodpeckers and the hairy woodpeckers here today. They chased each other off the feeders. It is nice to see them though. At night, we still get the flying squirrels coming by every so often. It is a great life living in the country.
Must go as I have to go do the treadmill thing. Have a great week everyone. Stay warm.