Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene is Coming

This lovely creature was found very early one morning at my husband's cousin's yard where we had parked our 5th wheel trailer for a few days. Now that was a very peaceful time and as you can see, it was a sunny and very beautiful day. Not what we are supposedly in for tomorrow and Monday. Yes, Irene the Hurrican is on her way and we are in her path. Fortunately if it continues on land, it will become a tropical storm before it reaches us.

This has been a very different summer weatherwise. We have had more than our share of rain or high winds. It has been very muggy too. We have had very few nice camping weekends.

DH and his friend went to Indiana this past week for one of their Flywheel Engine Shows. They have left there this morning to come home hoping that Irene will not give them trouble coming home. My friend S and I have had a few "Girl's Days" which was nice, however, it will be nice to have the Guys back home again.

We did have quite a few visitors this Summer. It has been nice. We enjoyed that immensely. Before DH left for Indiana, we took our RV and parked it in my brother's yard and had a great relaxing time. My brother was operated on about 5 weeks ago, and so is not allowed to do anything and he is bored. By us being there, it helped him with his boredom. We did have fun!

Well, must run as I am invited next door for a potluck supper with lots of people around.

Hopefully, every one will survive Irene without too much damage. Have a safe and great weekend.