Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Nature Works

When we got up this morning, we looked out the front windows looking onto the lake which is frozen right now and we saw a beautiful bushy tailed coyote walking across the lake. We watched him come fairly close to our shore where he stopped to feast on the carcass of a deer. We believe that he must have killed that deer last night. He stayed there for a while then proceeded to walk away. After a short while, the crows and ravens landed to have their turn to eat. They kept coming back all day. The coyote came back a couple of times, have a few bites and off again. To top it all off, a mature bald eagle came in for his turn to feast twice. He is one big bird and what a beautiful sight too.

We have had fairly decent weather the last two weeks. Actually, last week we did have above average temperatures and it was so nice. We have gotten rid of a lot of our snow but still have some more to get rid off.

In the last week, I have been quilting quite a bit and have been able to roll twice. I have 4 large blocks and their borders left to quilt. I will be so happy to get it done. Because of the size of this quilt - queen size - it has taken a long time to hand quilt. Of course, there has been many interruptions too, so that did not help on the time frame. The other day, someone asked me what I was going to do next. Well, I kind of think that maybe an old fashioned quilt with scraps of materials would be fun. I also have a lot of mauve and purple fabrics and someday, I want to make a quilt in those colours. The planning and assembling is always fun too.

This past week, I have been doing some genealogy as well. I always find that exciting, especially when I find some of my older relatives.

Take care and have a great end of the week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

How Could I Forget?

On Friday and Saturday nights, we usually get together with friends to play cards. So, as usual, on Saturday night, we did play cards at our friends' home and of course, munchies were served. Some of those munchies were nuts and bolts which I just love. Of course, I ate my share of them and forgot to ask if there was garlic added to these. Since they were homemade, I didn't give it a second thought. By the time we got home I was starting to feel sick and went right to bed only to get up an hour later to be sick to my stomach. At first, I thought I was coming down with the flu. I spent Sunday sleeping. Sunday night, these friends called to see how I was and that is when I asked and got the answer to the garlic question. Since I am allergic to garlic, I now know why I was sick. Lesson learned.

Today I feel so much better. The sun is shining, the temperatures are above freezing and I have done a lot of housework, including some quilting. Because of the cold nights and warmer days, the maple trees are already being taped and so, it won't be long before maple syrup and maple sugar will be for sale in the stores. I just love, love, love maple sugar. Thank heaven, it is only out for a short time - that way, I can have it and not have to worry about how much weight I will put on.

Around our area, there has been some people that have been asked to evacuate their homes for fear of flooding. Apparently, the Nashwaak River has developed ice jams and has caused the river to overflow its banks. It has not flooded homes yet and luckily, the weather is being predicted as sunny for a couple of days, so it has slowed down the snow melting. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep the major flooding away.

We are still thankful for where we live, especially since the awful disasters happening in Japan. It is hard to imagine the way those tsunamis and earthquakes happening to anyone. Those poor people! Our prayers are with them!

Must go as I rambled long enough. Take care everyone!

Friday, March 4, 2011


If one wants to dream, one may as well dream in technicolor. Right? Well, in Canada, we have a lotto that happens each Friday night. It is called Max Lotto. The jackpot climbs each week it is not won until it reaches $50 millions, and on top of that there is a draw for 20 tickets each worth $1 million. Well, guess what? Tonight is such a night.

DH and I often talk out loud as to what would we do if our ticket won the $50 millions. We like to think that we would not move from our present home as we love it here but it would be fun to change other things. We often say that our priorities would be in helping our relatives - yes, Cathey, you would be first on the list. LOL Actually, DH and I would not refuse the $1 million winning ticket either. It is fun to dream BIG!!!

Well we did get more snow this past week and it is getting ridiculous. The snow banks are so high and it makes it dangerous when people come out of their driveways as they cannot see what traffic is coming. They are calling for rain on Sunday with a +6 C for a temperature. Last night, it was a clear night but with a -26 C - that was cold. No wonder so many people are sick around here. The changes in temperatures are so great. I am feeling much better myself but I am still coughing. DH did catch my cold but he has not been as sick as me with it. With his health issues, I am happy that he was not that sick with his cold.

Have a Great Weekend everyone!