Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meeting Old Friends

Yes, we have been very busy with travelling, pickling, and making jelly. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go camping in the area where I was brought up. As it happens, the village there was celebrating its 200th anniversary and the church I went to when growing up was celebrating its 100th anniversary. That church is used very little and so they opened it up as a museum for a while this summer and anybody could go in and look around at the pictures (old and new), and also at artifacts from the past. They also published a book concerning different happenings in the village and since some of my relatives were some of the first settlers, they are in the book. I just had to buy that book.

While in the area, I visited some of the older people still living in the area. Lo and behold, I also got to see and visit with my best friend that I had in elementary school. I had not seen her since we were 15 years old. It was so wonderful. She now lives in Ottawa, so we probably will not see each other very often but at least now, we can keep in touch with e-mail. DH was there with his camera and took our picture together.

Last weekend, we went to Moncton to celebrate my MIL's 88th birthday. Since having moved to the special care home we picked for her, she has started walking more and is doing quite well. We are really impressed on how well she moves now. To make it even more special, DD drove in from Halifax to spend the afternoon with us. It was great seeing her again.

While in the Moncton area, a friend and I went to a shop in Shediac - not far from Moncton - and bought more materials to make more quilts. This material is remnants from the making of New Brunswick Health Sheets. For those of you who have never heard of these sheets, they are made in Buctouche, New Brunswick, and they are super soft and very cozy. They are fairly expensive but worth it. You can buy the remnants very cheaply and if you use those for the front and the back of your quilt, no filling or stuffing is needed.

We have put our RV away for the winter so hopefully now I will have more time to blog.

Have a great day everyone, until next time!!!