Friday, December 4, 2009

How Time Flies!

This is a block from the quilt I started earlier this year but other things have taken precedence. I have eight of these blocks done but I need 16 more. The material is all cut out so it is just a matter of sewing it together now. But since Christmas is coming soon and we are getting ready for our trip to Florida in early January, I doubt that I will get a chance to do any more on it until we return in early April.

This quilt does not have any borders around each block, thus the reason for the number of blocks needed. Since the RV does not have a quilting room, I won't be taking it with me. Right now, I am trying to work on my snowman quilt - when I get any extra time.

We just came back from my daughter home in Nova Scotia. We had a wonderful time and both my husband and I were happy to see her and her husband. Thank you Cathey and Paul for the great visit and great hospitality. We enjoyed shopping with them and loved our time spent together. Hopefully, we didn't overdue it with your health.

While in Nova Scotia, my daughter took me to one of her favorite shops and I did pick up another beautiful piece of cornflower. It is so different that I could not resist buying it. I soon have to stop buying anymore of crystal or china as I am running out of space already.

Must run as DH and I are getting ready to wash our truck. We want to wash it and then store it until we leave for Florida. Hopefully, the day we leave will not be a dirty day for driving on the road and the truck will still be fairly clean for the drive down.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Pumpkin said...

I'm surprised that you didn't smuggle my blue, white and yellow quilt out of here ;o) I guess now you'll have your own. LOL!

We had a wonderful time with you and Dad. It was so nice to see you and I'm glad we got to spend the time together before you leave for Florida.

You deserved that piece! You're lucky I didn't have my checkbook with me ;o) You'll have to post a picture of it.

Alberta said...

Mumzy, you sound like you are on top of the world! Good for you. Your quilt is looking so incredible fresh and springlike...just perfect for your return home next year.

Wishing you & yours, a very Merry Christmas!

Irene said...

Looks like it will be a nice quilt.

Karen said...

I love your nice bright quilt block

Kathy said...

Luckily, there is no deadline for finishing your quilt. However, I find it hard to believe that you will not be doing any quilting while in Florida. Perhaps you will just put pieces together in anticipation of another quilt. Anyway, hope you enjoy the trip and the lovely warm weather in Flordia. Will you blog from there? Stay in touch, if you can.

Marion said...

Where in Florida to you go? My cousin and her DH go to Fort Myers.

Ah....cornflower.......I have all my mom' it!!!

I wish I had your ambition for quilting!! That's something I never tried.

Take care