Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Quilt Pictures

This is another of my quilts that ended at DD's home. She had such a sad puppy look in her eyes when she first say it that Mumzy could not say no. After she got it home, she decided to put it in a competition in a local Exhibition. Lo and behold, I did win the Grand Champion Ribbon for it.

This pattern was found in a Quilter's Magazine and was called "China Blues". It did not have the yellow materials in it but I wanted to see if the yellow would add to the quilt and do feel it helped a lot. I also like bright colours. I am presently putting together another batch of similar blues and yellows to make another one - this time the new quilt will be staying at my house when I get done. Maybe I won"t show it to DD.
As most of you know, DH and I were at DD's home to help she and her DH with renovations. Her DH is getting a new job and will be moving away. DH and I will miss them but since we have a 5th wheel and like camping, we will be visiting them - whether they want us or not. LOL
On one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that all male hummingbirds had left early and we were worried that it meant an early Fall. Well, the last lone female left on the 15th, just this week - so maybe it won't be that bad.
Have a Great Day!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally, Pictures of One of my Quilts

This is how I finished the borders.

This is the center of the quilt where I used my Alaskan material for the snowballs.

With the help of DD and DH, I am finally able to post pictures to my blog. This is the last quilt that I made and gave to my DD. It was made to celebrate her survival with breast cancer. The material in the snowball or middle of the big squares was purchased in Alaska a few years ago. I fell in love with it as it was so different from any other cancer materials available around here. I just wish I had bought more of the same but at the time, I had no idea what pattern I was going to use or even when I was going to make such a quilt. I pieced it together by machine but did the quilting by hand. DH built me the cadillac of quilt frames ( even has trays when I can put my tea or coffee on), so now I really enjoy hand quilting. He also set me up in a room with storage space for materials, television hook-up, radio, ironing board and iron, quilting frames, and sewing machine. Just love my room.

This is the material I used on the back of the quilt.

As some of you know, Pumpkin is my DD, and she and her DH are going to move. I will miss them very much but DH and I have warned them already that come camping seasons, we will be packing up the 5th wheel and going to visit. We are very happy for them and wish them all the best in the world.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Weekend With Hanna

Hanna did come in where we were camping with high winds, big downpours, and a few thunder claps - one quite close to our location. The camping park was partly a lake at times, however, Hanna stayed away long enough for a nice day on Saturday which was the wedding day that we were attending. And, we stayed at the Park until noon on Sunday as the storm was pretty well over, and it made it easier to pack up.

On Friday afternoon, DH, friends and I went to Calais, Maine and I went to the fabric area in Mardens. It just about killed me but I did walk out without buying more fabric. My friend did buy more for her stash. Mardens did have a tremendous amount of really bright colours this time.

DD's little dog, Brie, spent the weekend with us and it was fun, except of course, having to get up at 6:00 a.m. to let her out. I am NOT a morning person so you know how much I love my granddog. Seriously, she is a beautiful intelligent little dog. Spoken like a grandmother. LOL. We even wrapped her up and sat around a campfire. As long as she was warm enough, she was great. DD is going to have her hands full erasing the spoiling we did!

In this area, this is a perfect day - sunny, just right in temperature with a slight wind. Hope that wherever you are, your day is just as great.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

DH and I went camping this past weekend in the Shediac area. While some parts of New Brunswick got beautiful weather, it was not so in Shediac. We had rain every day or evening from Friday to having to pack up in heavy, heavy rain and high winds on Monday morning. We were surprised to get home and find that it had been nice all weekend, even sunny and warm on Monday. Them the brakes!

The only good part of the wet weather was that I got to go shopping at Fabricville and of course, could not leave there without more fabric - just in case I might need it sometime down the road. Had fun going through the fabrics.

Yesterday, a neighbour and I went picking blackberries - more berries to make more jams. Yum, Yum! Then I had to start my wash and ironing. Today, I started putting another batch of quilting materials to make another quilt. It is so much fun. Some of my weekend purchases already making it to the stash needed for my next cotton quilt.

At the camping park where we were on the weekend, their WIFI was not working so I was not able to get online. Hopefully, next weekend while we are camping again, we will have WIFI. It is a different park from last weekend and my DD and her DH will be able to visit for a while and she can show me how to do pictures on my blog. As you can tell, even after working with a computer during my career, I am not computer savvy when it comes to more than typing.

Monday night was reserved to watch Prison Break. I know DD loves that show so I called her and reminded her of the two-hour episode happening that evening. It was an exciting episode and DH and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Are there other people out there that enjoy this show?