Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have Been Away

Well, since my last blog where I showed everyone what I was working on - the Snowman Quilt, things have come to a screeching halt. DD was going to be moving, so DH and I went over to help her pack. We also helped her out on the day the movers came in. Then the next day, we headed out to Moncton to go visit my MIL who is still in the hospital.

While in Moncton, we were asked to meet with the Hospital Staff - 14 of us at that meeting. This also included my MIL as she was not ready to go to a Special Care Home. However, the doctors, nurses, specialists, etc. all informed her that going back to her apartment without help was not going to happen. Only then, did she give in and agreed to go to a Special Care Home. She is quite concerned as to what is going to happen to some of her possessions. We understand how she feels and we are trying to alleviate her fears. So we have been visiting Special Care Homes and we believe we may have found the right one for her. They are full at this time but she is number one on their list.

We are still trying to do the renovations. As a result, all my dishes are in boxes and I presently have no cupboards. DH and a friend are supposed to build my cupboards between Christmas and New Year. Can't wait. We are spending Christmas with DH's brother in Moncton. As a result, we are not putting up a Christmas tree this year. Hopefully, we will make up for it next year.

My brother and his wife have been kind enough to have a Christmas Day on December 21st, before we go to Moncton. We have agreed to get the disability bus from the nursing home where my Mother is to bring her over to my brother's house. My own Mother is an Alzheimer patient and is now at the stage where she still recognizes her immediate family but forgets other. Some days, she can put small sentences together but most of the time, she does not say much.

So as you can see, no time for quilting! I still have to buy some gifts, so will try to do that on Saturday. DD has been sick and so I picked Brie from her and DH and I are taking care of her. She is such a cute dog.

I don't know if I will get a chance to write another blog before Christmas, so just in case I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowman Ragtime Quilt

I finally got all my squares cut and today found time to start putting some of these squares together. It is fun to do as you have to sew some of these different colours and different size squares together. I'm making the lap size quilt, so it takes a lot of squares for Mr. Snowman's picture. This picture looks like the background should be a kind of mauve to purple color, but the pattern calls for blues and blacks. I did find a batch of pretty blue materials, so I'm anxious to do it up.

DH and I worked outdoors this morning as the weather was still sunny and plus 3 degrees C. We needed to put a new tarp on one side of the tarp building. We just store wood for the snowmobile club and other junk in there so it does not need to be fancy. One of the snowmobile clubhouse is located behind our property only about 3 km. away and our tarp building is handy for them to store their wood.

Our cove was covered with ice yesterday, but the winds picked up in the night and with the temperatures rising a bit and the action of the waves, this morning the ice was just about gone. Very little of the ice was left and what was left was around the edge at the very end of the cove. Yesterday, DH and I saw a big bald eagle who had landed on a spot of ice and he was having his breakfast. It was too far away for us to make out what he was eating. What a beautiful bird!

Everyone have a great evening and a great day tomorrow!

Monday, December 1, 2008

New E-Mail Address

This past weekend DH and I went to help DD to do some packing. While we were there, DD decided to pass on her older computer to me as DH and I were using the same computer for our computer needs. Now that I blog, it was taking some computer time away from DH and so DD was kind enough to let me have one of hers.

Well, DH is the computer expert in our household and so he proceeded to set me up on this new to me computer and then set me up with my "OWN" e-mail address. WOOHOO!!! For those who occasionally e-mail me direct, it is now and so I changed it on the Blogger site. All comments should now reach me at my new address.

DH uses the other computer a lot as he draws the plans on it for all the new renovations that we are doing in our home, and therefore, I used to have to wait till he was done or else wait till the next day.

When we got up this morning, all the trees were covered with ice. It was a pretty picture but I was too late getting the camera out and so, for the most part, the ice was pretty much gone.

I have got back to working on my snowman quilt today. I am almost finished the cutting of the squares. I was cutting in between helping DH with running wires through the walls so we can relocate our stove and refrigerator. Never a dull moment.

Must go now as I want to watch "Boston Legal". I find it quite funny. Everyone have a great day tomorrow!