Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally Finished

I finally finished this queen sized quilt. It has been a long process as I have had many interruptions on this one. We had visitors and had to go away a few times as well and of course, Christmas holidays came in there as well. However, I wanted to do a bright blue and bright yellow quilt for quite some time so here it is. I had done one with those colors before but somehow it ended up with my daughter. Once she saw it, it was gone. I hand quilted this
quilt with white thread and I am pleased with the contrast.

I have also been busy walking almost every day for a couple of weeks now. I have progressed my walk to 7 km (4.2 m) now and that will probably stay. Today, however, it is raining here and I will have to use my treadmill which I don't like as well. The 7 km takes me to our post office mailboxes so I am able to pick up our mail the days I walk that distance.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Calais, Maine, and we went shopping at Wal-Mart. I found some Monk's cloth at a really good price so I bought 2 yards of white to start another afghan done in swedish weaving. I like to have something like that to do when we are travelling or camping. Now I have to find some yarn in colours that I like and I also have to sew the ends of the cloth and wash and dry it. Then I can start. I am also thinking about my next quilt - I am sort of leaning on making a scrap quilt like the old fashioned ones that our elders used to make. I do have enough materials here to do more than a dozen quilts, so I have to use some of it up before I dare buy any more materials.

Our snow is going quite fast now, especially yesterday when the temperatures reached 14C (about 58F). It was a beautiful day, so much so that after supper DH and I went for a bike ride. The hills were a killer on the legs but if we keep going every fine day, we should build up our legs in no time. When we were in Florida last year, we biked a lot. We have friends there that love to bike and lots of days, the four of us would go biking for the whole afternoons. It was fun.

Must go as I have a date with the treadmill soon. Have a great week everyone.