Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Spring is here and I have been very busy trying to get everything that needs to be done done. Thus, the reason for not having been around to blog.

It all started with DH deciding to work on our unfinished sun room. We are putting imitation log covering and since we have had that wood for a long time, it had to be all sanded before he could put it on the walls. I did all of the sanding which was messy and took quite a while. I did do the sanding outside but it blew and landed on the outside siding of the house. Of course, because we got some rain in there as well, it stuck to the siding. Then, the vinyl siding had to be washed and so, I did that.

DH and I had to rake all of the lawn which had a lot of little broken branches from the high winter winds. DH has had to mow twice since then.

We took a couple of trips as well. We went to Moncton to visit my MIL for Mother's Day and wen to visit our Daughter and our Son-in-law after that for a few days. While there, DD and I went to shop at a quilt shop that was closing that week. DD had already purchased some fabric for me before we came to visit, but I couldn't resist going to the shop myself. Of course, I had to get more - it was too good a deal to leave it there.

The first picture shows the fabric I bought that will turn into a quilt. I love those colours together and the solid colour is going to be the backing. I only wish I could spend some time on it but due to other priorities, it will have to wait a while.

The second picture shows some of the other fabrics that was purchased. I still had more that I have already put away. In order to find room for all this fabric, I gave all the flannel fabric I had to my Sister-in-law.

This week has been spent housecleaning the RV getting ready for a trip to Coolsprings, PA in June. After I finished cleaning it, I loaded all the food that can stay in there until late Fall. Now all we need to do is put the everyday food and our clothing and we are ready to go.

Hopefully, I will not be as long this time before my next blog. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!