Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Brunswick Sheet Material

Since DH is doing some work in my sewing room, it is now too crowded to do any sewing. However, a few weeks ago, I went to Shediac, New Brunswick, where I found a store that was selling remnants of what we call New Brunswick sheets. These bedsheets are made in Buctouche, New Brunswick, and are made of a material that is both soft and warm. Once you buy a set of those sheets, no one wants to go back to cotton or flannel sheets. They are wonderful. They are a bit more expensive than other sheets but worth every penny of it.
Back to quilting, I picked up bunches of forest green squares, and bunches of light green squares, brought them home, cut them to 10 1/2 inch squares and am in the process of sewing them together to make a checkerboard effect. Each bunch of square contained 22 to 26 squares each and sold for $2.00 a bunch. I bought two bunches of each colour and for $8.00, I have enough squares to make a queen size quilt. Then I bought 3 strips of the light green which I will sew together for the back. Again these were cheap and then I bought a roll of the dark green strips which are wide enough to do the binding. Again, that roll was $2.00. I figure I will have a queen size quilt of that awesome material for less than $25.00. Once I put it all together, I plan to just tack it and on my bed it goes when done.
Today, we are having continuous rain and they are calling for "snow" flurries in the evening. That is right, that four letter word - "snow". I sure hope they are wrong but time will tell.
Yesterday, DH and I decided to rake and pick up the leaves and pine needles that were down. What a job. To top it off, the leaves are not nearly all down yet. It does look like perhaps most of the pine needles are down though. In the morning, we finally finished winterizing our RV and parked it in our neighbour's yard next to us. We did that in case, we decide to go to Florida this winter. That way, it is easier to get out if we do get snow before we were to leave and also, it is close to us and it makes it easier to plug in and load up if we do go.
We have three feeders next to our windows. We love the smaller birds like chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, finches but we also have blue jays that keep coming to the feeders and they are big birds that scare the others away. Blue jays are beautiful birds but they are bossy.
Must run but until next time, have great days.


Irene said...

I like the checkerboard look. You can't go wrong with the price and I'm sure it will be wonderful. I'm going to have to check around our stores for these sheets. We have been having really great weather, by that I mean no rain, which is so nice.

Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! Guess who will be sleeping in your bed ;o) LOL! That's an awesome deal.

I hope you didn't get any snow. They are calling for some tonight for us but I doubt we'll get any. Fingers crossed!

Don't work to hard...

WendyCarole said...

Your fabric squares sound like a real bargain.

We are having some nice Autumn weather. Hope you don't get snow too early in the season

Kathy said...

Those sheets sound like a real bargain and wonderful for quilters. I'm sure you will enjoy your new "quilt".

Snow, already? I know it's much colder where you live, but still....I don't feel as bad about our highs of 40F now.

Winter is coming and nothing we can do about it, except try to enjoy it!

Alberta said...

Love the checkerboard idea!

Here I thought we were the only ones with the white stuff! What happened to autumn?