Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn Leaves

A couple of days ago, all was very calm outdoors and when I looked out my front window, this is the beautiful scenes that I saw. I really love the change of colours. The only sad thing about all of this is that I will end up raking all of these leaves in the very near future and it all means winter is coming. However, I am enjoying it for now. DH and I really enjoy living on a lake especially here as it is 2 miles off the main road, even if we do have 11 permanent residents on our shore. It is really quiet and we often see all kinds of wildlife. The birds are plentiful and because we feed them, we see lots of different kinds of them. We also have the red squirrels and the chipmunks.
The funny part of it all, in the Spring, we have one grey squirrel that comes by and stays for a couple of days, then disappears until the Fall when he comes by for another couple of days. We never see him in the Summer or Winter. We also have a beaver who goes by just before the lake freezes over, we think he goes up the little brook at one end of the lake; and as soon as the ice breaks up in the Spring, he swims by to go to the other end of the lake. It is the funniest thing. All our neighbors keep on eye out for these happenings.
I guess once you retire and reach our ages, it doesn't take much to entertain you. DH has just taken up another hobby - old flywheel engines. He and his friend, who lives close by, are just so busy with that hobby. It makes it easier for me to pursue my quilting and Swedish weaving.
It was DH's birthday yesterday and out friends had a chocolate birthday cake for him last night. Since he is a chocolate addict, it was great for him but I found it too much chocolate. He loves anything that has chocolate in it. DD is a chip of the old block as far as chocolate is concerned. DH also likes John Deere tractors and friends of ours brought in a little John Deere lunch can and it was full of their homemade chocolate (of course) fudge. He was thrilled.
Must go, until next time, have a great day everyone.


Daffycat said...

Oh wow, isn't it beautiful! Our leaves haven't really started turning yet. Enjoy the Autumn...Winter isn't far off, I think!

Daffycat said...
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Pumpkin said...

Beautiful pictures Mom. Sure makes me wish I were there.

Glad to hear that Dad's birthday was a good one. I would have LOVED to have a piece of that cake ;o)

Irene said...

WOW I could look at that scene all day. I just love watching the leaves change colors. Happy Birthday to your DH.

Kathy said...

What beautiful scenery you have out your window! I have trees behind my house (not yet starting to turn), but no lake.

Thank you for sharing those photos.
Fall is my favorite season, when most of the yard work is done and I can just relax and enjoy my garden. (Note: No trees close enough to drop leaves on my yard!)

Marion said...

Beautiful scenery! I too love this time of year!
A belated Happy Birthday to your DH, and I too share his love of chocolate!!
Take care

Alberta said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mumzy!

By the way...I love a good piece of chocolate from time to time!

Rachael said...

What beautiful scenery, I would love to get to see that every Autumn.
Happy Birthday wishes to your DH

I like chocolate but not keen on chocolate icing too sickly!!