Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Since we live so far off the main road, we don't get any trick or treaters. So I guess we are going to have our usual Saturday night card games with our neighbors and friends. There are no little ones on our road even though we have 11 permanent residents plus another 20 to 25 cottages. It is more like a seniors road as most of us are retired.

We have been having showers so maybe that will keep the Halloween destruction down this year. Hopefully, we will not have anyone trying to burn one of our New Brunswick covered bridges this year.

I have been working quite a bit on my swedish weaving. Almost two weeks ago, I fell and I believe I cracked a rib and so, I have been rather quiet since then. I have done a lot of relaxing and not much of anything else. I hate being this quiet but it is now getting a bit better and I now can sleep most of the night. This morning, DH and I went in to our local hospital where our doctor has his office and we both got the regular flu shot. Since DH's lungs are compromised, the doctor suggested we get these shots.

Must go as it is getting close to suppertime and I have rolls rising and need to bake them.
Every one, have a great Halloween. Till next time.


Irene said...

We live on a very busy street with no proper sidewalk, so don't get the kids. I miss seeing the little ones. Have a great weekend !

Irene said...

PS: Looking forward to seeing your swedish weaving :)

Daffycat said...


Happy Halloween, Mumzy!

Marion said...

So sorry you hurt your ribs!!
One of these days you will have to show me your swedish weaving!!!

We got one child at the door so far, which is one more than we usually get!

Take care..enjoy your card games tonight!

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that you have sore ribs. Glad you are recovering now.

I had lots of trick or treaters here. Ran out of candy around 8 PM. There are many, many kids in the town house development where I live. I like to think I feel younger, living among all the young people.

Pumpkin said...

We had a great night with LOTS of kids and we actually ran out of candy! AH! Hope you all had a quiet night :o)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I told Dad I'll have to put you both in bubble wrap...

You might want to check out this Blog - (just copy and paste).

Alberta said...

Mumzy, I hope you are well on your way to a full recovery!

Glad you got your flu shot. DH & I got the seasonal one but will have to wait for a chance to get the H1N1 one.

Can't wait to see your Swedish weaving. :)