Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finished Product - NB Sheet Material Quilt

I finally got busy and finished my NB Sheet Material Quilt. I cut my square 10 inches and alternated them in a checkerboard effect. Then I pieced large pieces in the light green for the back and used the roll of 4" wide strips to make the binding. There is no batting in this quilt for two reasons. The material itself is going to be plenty warm and this quilt weighs a ton. If anyone likes a heavy blanket on their bed - this is it. To finish it off, I tacked the middle of each square with the opposite coloured yarn. I do like the effect it has and now that I have pictures of it, on my bed it goes today.

This is the first week that I can do any lifting after breaking my rib. The pain is pretty well gone for the most part and only bothers me if I move a different way. Maybe next time, I can try to stay on my feet.

We have had lovely weather here at the Lake, even though a lot of other areas around us have had a taste of the white stuff - SNOW. It has been cold though. Today, it is cloudy but it is supposed to go up to 12 C or about 54 F. DH and I decided to wash the vehicles this afternoon if that temperature is reached. We are trying to get things ready to go to Florida in January and since we usually don't use the 4-wheel truck except for hauling our 5th wheel RV, if we do wash it this afternoon, we will put it away until our trip to Florida - that is if nothing else happens between now and then. We also have a Tracker for our second vehicle and since that is 4-wheel drive as well, we don't need to run the truck in the winter. The Tracker is a lot cheaper on fuel as well.

We have just heard that DH's cousin's husband past away in the night, so that probably will mean a trip to Moncton sometime this week. We are hoping to make it just a one-day trip.

Between doctor's and dentist's appointment this month, we are going to be very busy. I also want to find time to go visit our daughter and her husband in Nova Scotia - we are aiming for the week of the 24th for that. Hope to see you guys then.

Well, must run. Until next time, have a great week everyone!


Irene said...

Great looking quilt !

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful quilt Mom! I bet it's going to be nice and toasty this winter :o)

Glad to hear you're feeling better but that doesn't mean you need to do so much work.

DH and I look forward to seeing you and Dad at the end of the month :o)