Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally Getting Rid of Cold

Today, I am finally getting better with this cold. It has been the longest cold I have ever had. I guess it likes me too much. LOL

We are awaiting a visit by DD and our granddog, Brie. DD just called to say they were on their way, so this should be interesting as we still have Simba here too. Brie does not like any other animals paying attention to me or DH, so we may have to leave Simba in another room. He probably would prefer that anyway especially with Brie here.

We are having a sunny day today but it is also very windy. It is a bit warmer as well. When we got up, it was -2C but it is starting to get colder as the day goes by. Our weather forecaster says that it will get colder for the next few days - so back to the deep freeze. Yak!

DH has started to install my new kitchen cabinets. It sure is going to change the look of our home. It will give me a lot more storage but I'm sure it will be filled in no time. We are now awaiting the crack filler guy to do the kitchen walls. I think he may be available sometime in the coming week - I hope so. Once that mess is done, then I can start filling up the cabinets. The materials for the counter top has been ordered but have not heard if it has arrived yet. We also have to order the doors for these cabinets. Hopefully, they won't be too long coming.

DH is presently out cleaning up the driveways of snow. We did get about another inch of snow during the night. He has a John Deere tractor and he loves to play with it. He should be done fairly soon.

Have a great day everyone!


Rachael said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon, oh I think I would love to play on his tractor,but I think if I had to do it as a chore all the time the fun would wear off eventually.
Oh dear I hope Brie & Simba don't squabble too much! ;0)

Suzanne said...

Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your visit and pet Miss Brie for me!

Irene said...

Enjoy your visit. I so love to read Cathey's blog, puts a smile on me everytime :)

Pumpkin said...

Had a great day today :o) We should have had a video of Simba and Brie. LOL!

Your kitchen is shaping up and will look really nice once done. I know you can't wait until that day :o)