Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are still in a building mode. I now have most of the kitchen cabinets up in place (no doors yet) and DH is in the process of putting in my new kitchen zinc and hooking up my new dishwasher. WooHoo!! The Guy doing the crack filling has been here and is coming this afternoon to do the final sanding. Once that is done, I can start my housecleaning. Boy, will I ever be happy to get that done. We have ordered my new counter top yesterday. We have the paint for the walls so DH will be in the painting mode next week.

Last weekend, DD and Brie did come to visit and we had a lovely visit with them. Simba's masters picked him up on that day as well. Brie was not happy with him being here but when he left to go home, Brie turned into a perfect little dog.

Yesterday, we had to go to Town to go to DH's dental appointment. He broke a tooth before Christmas and was finally able to get it looked at this past week. It is so hard to get appointments in decent time.

This past week, we did get a fair amount of snow, about 8 inches. The snowbanks are starting to be high now. It was on the radio the other day that Fredericton is having a lot of accidents because of the snowbanks heights. I don't know where all that water will go when it melts. We probably will get flooding again this Spring, especially in the Fredericton area. Fortunately, where we live on the lake, flooding is not an issue. The only problem here is when the ice breaks up in the lake, if the winds are on our shore, the ice builds up on the shore and it can and has in the past done serious damage where it lands.

Must go as I'm being called to get DH's lunch.

Have a Great Day and a Great Weekend everyone!


Marion said...

Hope you will share photos of your new kitchen when it's done!! We have to paint and redo alot of our main floor...oh how I wish it was done!!!

Take care

Irene said...

Hopefully the snow will melt slowly so as not to cause too much flooding. We are having a nice day here, seems almost like spring.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear your kitchen is coming along very nicely. It will be wonderful to have it finally done - I know!

You sure get a lot of snow up there in the north country. We got an inch here last week, along with an icy topping and it practically shut down the entire region. People here just aren't prepared for ice and snow, and neither are governments. Luckily we don't get much very often.

Stay warm.

Karen said...

glad your kitchen is on the way to bening finished
we have snow today we may get a whole inch LOL

brokenfairy said...

Oh wow 8 Inches of snow and here was me getting excited about the 2 inches with have had!!LOL Well it is not often we get any!!
I hope you don't get any ice damage

Alberta said...

Mumzy, you have a LOT of! Maybe if we had more on the roof we wouldn't have had so much damage done during Friday night's wind storm.

Can't wait to hear all about the completed kitchen!

Suzanne said...

sounds like your work is coming along!

Pumpkin said...

Things were looking good on the weekend :o) Thanks for everything. Brie and I had a great time!

Alberta said...

DH was raised on the Miramichi...we have some land in the Beaverbrook area.

I was raised in ON, moved to Bathurst for 3 years and then Newcastle for 2 before heading to Mt Allison.

You certainly can not beat New Brunswickers for being friendly!

Hope your kitchen in almost complete!