Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brrr - It's Cold Here

Welcome to New Brunswick, the coldest place in Canada yesterday. That is not supposed to happen but it did. In the Fredericton area, it was -34C and north of here, in Edmundston, it was -43C - all that without the wind chill too. Warnings on the radio were sent out that exposed skin could freeze in 5 minutes. They also warned people to not let their pets outside too long - poor Brie freezes up on her trips outside.

DH has removed the rest of the old cupboards yesterday so I am literally living out of boxes for a couple of days. I am having to do dishes by hand - hard life. LOL I am looking forward to a whole new kitchen though, and all new cabinets. Because of the many interruptions DH has had, it didn't get done in the time frame he had planned. He is feeling a lot better with his bout with the cold and I'm starting to feel better as well. It is a miserable cold to catch and really hard to get rid of. There is a lot of colds and flu going around this area at the present time. Even the Nursing Home where my DM is was closed to visitors and is restricted to only immediate family right now.

We still have the Fat Cat Simba with us and he will be here until next weekend. At home, he will only drink water out of the bathroom tap, where he sits by and meows until they turn it on and when he is finished, he meows until they shut off the tap. Here, he has a dish with water in it on the floor and he drinks out of the dish no problem. His masters called the other night and when DH told them what Simba was drinking out of the dish on the floor, they couldn't believe it. DH told them that Simba has them trained instead of the other way around. LOL

DH and DD went to Moncton and moved my MIL into her new room at the Special Care Home. She was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and allowed to do the move that day. It will take her a few days to get used to her new surroundings and hopefully, she will be happy. I didn't make the trip as I was still quite sick with the cold and did not want to pass on to any seniors there.

Today, the sun is shining bright here and it is still quite cold. The little birds at our feeders are fluffed out and looked much bigger than they really are. It is so cute to see them like that. They sure can eat though, I suppose they have to get their energy to keep warm. I find it amazing that such little things like that don't freeze to death. Even the squirrels don't travel as much in this cold.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe!


brokenfairy said...

I just can't imagine that temp!! Hope you all keep warm and you soon have the kitchen of your dreams!

Suzanne said...

Stay warm!


Irene said...

WOW and I thought -12C was cold. I like that fact that Simba tells them when to turn off the water, he does have them trained well :)

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Your place should be called Fat Camp :o) We all know who runs that house...

I had a great time with Dad on Thursday and it was good to catch up on things. I was sorry that you were still feeling rotten though :o( I hope you are resting enough.

Kathy said...

I don't envy you the cold weather. Been there done that - never again! It sounds like other things are going well for you just now. Your cold is almost gone, hopefully. Your MIL is in her new home, and progress continues on your kitchen! I'm sure that the last time I had a kitchen redone, we ate out a lot. I will have a mildly disrupted kitchen this week myself, while I spackle and paint. However, as it is only me living here, I don't have to cook meals during the disruption. ;)

Take care now. Stay inside where it is warm.

Marion said...

Glad your MIL got moved and hopefully will adjust quickly.

I'm glad our temps have warmed upt as well....that cold spell was WAY too cold for my liking.

Take care

Karen said...

glad you are feeling better, hope your MIL will be happy in her new room, I can't imagine how cold it is there , our idea of cold is probably a mild winters day to you lol

Alberta said...

Just as we enjoy some above normal January temperatures, yours goes way down! Hopefully both our areas are back to normal so we know what to expect and how to dress.

Looking forward to some photos of the kitchen post renovation!