Monday, January 12, 2009

Colds & Cold Weather Go Away

Yes, both DH and I have come down with awful colds. It is not pleasant being stuck in the house with these colds. However, I believe it is the first time in my life that I sat around and watched movies most of the day. DH started with his a few days ahead of me and so far, has it much worse than me. He has been sleeping a lot more than me too. By nature, I don't usually sleep during the day and I am a nighthawk as well - guess I am afraid of missing out on something. LOL

Around here, there is also a stomach virus going around and so not only is my MIL's hospital floor closed to visitors but my own DM Nursing Home has also closed its doors to visitors. We, of course, would not have gone in with these colds anyway.

The weather has been cooold! We are thankful, however, that we are not in Regina where my SIL is as their temperatures have been much worse than ours. This morning here it was -22C. It is clear though and from the inside looking out, it looks quite nice. On morning such as this, I feel sorry for those poor souls that are street people or people that have to stay out in this cold.

Yesterday, our dearest friends left for Florida where they will get on a cruise for a few days. Since they have a devon rex cat, we have been the recipients of Simba the cat. Simba is not suppose to have any fur but now at the ripe age of 11 or 12, he has grown a short curly fur on most of his body. He has also put on a lot of weight and looks a lot like Garfield in colour and body except he has a smaller head. Simba is thoroughly spoiled but knows us and doesn't mind spending time with us, even if we don't spoil him as much as his masters. Right now, he is perturbed with me as I'm on the computer and would not allow him to come up on my lap.

DD was supposed to come and visit this past weekend but due to our colds, she decided against it as she doesn't need to catch it again. Truth be known, we may have caught it from her in the first place. LOL Maybe she can come to visit later in the week.

I have been collecting Royal Doulton figurines for a while and DD and her DH have given me one more for Christmas. This one is called Julia and she has a cloth that she is stitching on in her hands - appropriate or what! She is beautiful and I just love her. Most of the figurines I have do have a special meaning one way or another. Some are named after people that are closed to me like DD, DM, MIL, friends and even one named Zoe. Then others are the Bride which DM gave me when DD was married, the Queen Mother's 90th birthday and one that matches my own china. Once my kitchen renovations are finished, DH is making part of the new cupboards as a china cabinet, then I will have more room to display my dolls. Woohoo, I can't wait.

Enough rambling for today. Simba is presently watching our goldfinches at our feeders and it is driving him batty. LOL.

Have a Great Day everyone!


Pumpkin said...

Nothing like making me feel more guilty ;o) I'm glad that you and Dad are starting to feel better though.

Poor Simba! What will he ever do without all that pampering for two weeks ;o)

I'm so happy that you love your new lady. I can't tell you how many boxes I went through before I picked her :o)

Suzanne said...

I collect several things too...won't it be great to have somewhere to display them?!

Hope you feel better!


Marion said...

I'm battling a cold as well, thanks to DH! I am using this as an excuse today to NOT work on my curtains! LOL I am just going to relax and stitch in the family room. My head hurts and my throat is a bit sore. I feel guilty about not doing what I had planned, but it can't be helped....hopefully you and your DH will feel better soon!
Can't wait to see all those Royal Doultons displayed!!


brokenfairy said...

I hope you are taking care of yourself!!
Trust Cathey to pass on her germs LOL(love ya really Cathey)
Would love to see photos of your figurines,I used to collect porcelain dolls but when I got to about 20 realised I haven't the room for them,the ones I still have are in their boxes in my wardrobe.I might have to make room for just a few of them.

Irene said...

Looking forward to seeing a display of your ladies. Hope you feel better soon.

~Tammy said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.

Take care!