Thursday, January 8, 2009

We Are Back

We have been so busy with the Christmas Season and with having to travel to Moncton to deal with my MIL. She has been assessed as a level 2 and we had a meeting with hospital officials and her, and she was advised by them that she was going to have to go to a Special Care Home. She has now accepted that fact and between DH and his brother, a very nice brand new Special Care Home has been found. She has a large room with a private bath. It is very elegant too. So next we had to close out her apartment. What a job! She had been in that apartment for over 30 years and had saved everything. We stored most of the furnishings, took some to put in her new place and we assigned some of the pieces to whoever she wanted them to go. It was a big job but now we have the apartment empty. We also set up her new place so that when she walks in, it will hopefully feel like home to her.

All we needed was for her to be released from the hospital. However, a virus has closed down the whole floor that she is on and so, no visitors allowed or no releases either. Last night, DH's brother called to say she has now come down with the virus so I expect that it will be at least one more week before we can move her in at the new place.

We did spend Christmas Day with DH's brother and we had their mother get a day pass from the hospital but she was not feeling well and did not eat at all during the day. It was not what I had hoped for DH and his brother. The rest of the time was not bad though. It had been a long time since we were able to spend Christmas with DH's brother and his wife, so it was very nice.

DD and her husband were away to New Jersey for Christmas so we all got together and celebrated on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We really enjoyed having them around for the time they spent here. We also enjoyed having Brie here after they left so DD and her husband would have a day alone together before he headed out for more training in Regina. We know it will be a long nine weeks but hopefully, time will go by fast for the two of them.

Today, we are getting snow, sunny periods with snow flurries and then more snow. Up to now, we have been very lucky in that we did not have much snow here. Moncton had their share but for some reason, we had been spared. We did have cold, cold weather though.

With being so busy with other things, quilting has taken a back seat and I have done absolutely nothing in that category. DH and a friend of his have part of my cupboards built but they still have to be put up in place. We are still in a mess but hopefully now with things settled in Moncton with my MIL, we may be able to keep on renovating.

Seeing I was away during the festive season, I want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.


Irene said...

Hope everything is well with your MIL. It's good hear she is accepting her move and hope she'll be comfortable.

Marion said...

Glad to have you back around!
Nice to know that your MIL has accepted that she has to go to a Special Care home...that makes a hugh difference!
Don't envy you on having to clear out the apt!!
Take care...we are getting much the same weather as you now...
Your Nova Scotian friend

Pumpkin said...

You know that I'm very concerned about Gram and hope that she gets better soon. I can't wait to see her new place and I'm sure you and T did a fantastic job making it as homey as possible :o)

DH and I had a great time and thank you again for everything! ((((HUGS))))

Suzanne said...

It's so good to see you back! I was starting to wonder!


brokenfairy said...

You have been busy, I hope your MIL settles when she gets to move in to the home.Glad you got time to spend with Cathey & her DH at New years.
Snow what is that?? I think I have forgotten what that looks like...LOL

Kathy said...

It's good to hear from you again. You surely were busy getting you MIL's place cleaned and the new place ready for her. I'm glad to hear that went well. (Except for her being sick now.) Maybe now you will have time for some quilting. Hope your kitchen cupboards are up soon. Kitchens are so important and doing without a place to store things would really mess up any cooking I would do!

Alberta said...

Mumzy, I hope your MIL is feeling better today and that the virus has moved along. What may seem like an inconvenience to us could be a life threatening illness to the aged.

Hope DD's DH stays warm in Regina...we've had way too many blasts of Arctic air and it's not yet mid January! One of your quilts might be just the thing to keep someone warm! lol