Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

DH and I went camping this past weekend in the Shediac area. While some parts of New Brunswick got beautiful weather, it was not so in Shediac. We had rain every day or evening from Friday to having to pack up in heavy, heavy rain and high winds on Monday morning. We were surprised to get home and find that it had been nice all weekend, even sunny and warm on Monday. Them the brakes!

The only good part of the wet weather was that I got to go shopping at Fabricville and of course, could not leave there without more fabric - just in case I might need it sometime down the road. Had fun going through the fabrics.

Yesterday, a neighbour and I went picking blackberries - more berries to make more jams. Yum, Yum! Then I had to start my wash and ironing. Today, I started putting another batch of quilting materials to make another quilt. It is so much fun. Some of my weekend purchases already making it to the stash needed for my next cotton quilt.

At the camping park where we were on the weekend, their WIFI was not working so I was not able to get online. Hopefully, next weekend while we are camping again, we will have WIFI. It is a different park from last weekend and my DD and her DH will be able to visit for a while and she can show me how to do pictures on my blog. As you can tell, even after working with a computer during my career, I am not computer savvy when it comes to more than typing.

Monday night was reserved to watch Prison Break. I know DD loves that show so I called her and reminded her of the two-hour episode happening that evening. It was an exciting episode and DH and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Are there other people out there that enjoy this show?


Pumpkin said...

Yea, I was afraid to tell you just how nice it was here over the weekend :o)

MORE fabric???? It will be coming out of the drawers pretty soon!

I'm hoping there's WIFI there too. I'm going to leave my computer at home though.

PB was AWESOME! I'm SO happy to see Sara back :o)

Karen said...

what a shame it rained, sounds like you had a good time in the fabric shop

Blenda said...

Good words.