Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Day!

Where we are going camping for the weekend, DH and I decided first thing this morning to wash the truck. While we were out there working, our neighbour came along with her dog, Molly. She is still very puppyish and she was running around our property. She suddenly appeared with, guess who? That poor little squirrel that we had seen the other day. It had apparently gone, laid down at the bottom of one our trees and died. We are not sure if he died from the beating he got the other day or if he had not been well before that. Poor little guy.

I am now trying to get some blueberry freezer jam done as well as some blackberry freezer jam. I love doing this kind of thing but today I feel rushed as we are leaving tomorrow morning for the weekend. Ah, well, you see I'm used to doing things while taking my time, especially since I retired. At least, I'll be able to enjoy my weekend.

DD has forwarded some of the pictures of the quilts that I made for her and her DH, so when I can tie my DH to the computer long enough, I will put some of these on my blog. He loves working outdoors especially on a beautiful day as today, so pray for rain so he can stay in - not really. He will do this for me, perhaps even this evening.

Must get back to my jamming. Enjoy the day!


Karen said...

awwww poor squirrel

ok daft question time what is freezer jam? is it something you cook with or spread on your toast?
I am looking forward to seeing your quilt photos

Nancy said...

hello!! i'm a great fan of your DD & her wonderful sense of humor - and her stitching talent, her courage & strength ... well, i just am glad i am an online friend of hers!
welcome to blogging ... come visit me sometime. can't wait to see the pictures of your quilts. i've seen the ones you've made cathey that she's shared online - you do beautiful work! someday ...

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhhh, poor squirrel :o( Maybe he wasn't well and that's why the other squirrel was chasing him away.

More jam! I thought you would be jammed out by now. LOL!

~Tammy said...

Awwww, sorry to hear about your squirrel.

Turn the hose on the DH and tell him it's man made rain and should call it a day.

Faith Ann said...

I'm visiting from Cathey's blog!

Hope your camping weather has been like ours this weekend... it's been a gorgeous week.

Oh, I love freezer jam. Hope you managed to get it all done!