Monday, September 8, 2008

A Weekend With Hanna

Hanna did come in where we were camping with high winds, big downpours, and a few thunder claps - one quite close to our location. The camping park was partly a lake at times, however, Hanna stayed away long enough for a nice day on Saturday which was the wedding day that we were attending. And, we stayed at the Park until noon on Sunday as the storm was pretty well over, and it made it easier to pack up.

On Friday afternoon, DH, friends and I went to Calais, Maine and I went to the fabric area in Mardens. It just about killed me but I did walk out without buying more fabric. My friend did buy more for her stash. Mardens did have a tremendous amount of really bright colours this time.

DD's little dog, Brie, spent the weekend with us and it was fun, except of course, having to get up at 6:00 a.m. to let her out. I am NOT a morning person so you know how much I love my granddog. Seriously, she is a beautiful intelligent little dog. Spoken like a grandmother. LOL. We even wrapped her up and sat around a campfire. As long as she was warm enough, she was great. DD is going to have her hands full erasing the spoiling we did!

In this area, this is a perfect day - sunny, just right in temperature with a slight wind. Hope that wherever you are, your day is just as great.


Karen said...

awww thats what grandparents do lol spoil the granddogs , hope you enjoyed the wedding

Pumpkin said...

We had a great weekend and glad you were part of it :o) Thanks for looking after little one and I'm happy she wasn't too much trouble. LOL!