Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Quilt Pictures

This is another of my quilts that ended at DD's home. She had such a sad puppy look in her eyes when she first say it that Mumzy could not say no. After she got it home, she decided to put it in a competition in a local Exhibition. Lo and behold, I did win the Grand Champion Ribbon for it.

This pattern was found in a Quilter's Magazine and was called "China Blues". It did not have the yellow materials in it but I wanted to see if the yellow would add to the quilt and do feel it helped a lot. I also like bright colours. I am presently putting together another batch of similar blues and yellows to make another one - this time the new quilt will be staying at my house when I get done. Maybe I won"t show it to DD.
As most of you know, DH and I were at DD's home to help she and her DH with renovations. Her DH is getting a new job and will be moving away. DH and I will miss them but since we have a 5th wheel and like camping, we will be visiting them - whether they want us or not. LOL
On one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that all male hummingbirds had left early and we were worried that it meant an early Fall. Well, the last lone female left on the 15th, just this week - so maybe it won't be that bad.
Have a Great Day!


Karen said...

oh very nice I love your quilts, this one looks so fresh with the blue white and yellow, perhaps you should send the next one to me before Cathey see's it ;O)
I have never seens a hummingbird, well I have seen photos lol just not one in real life they look tiny in the photos I have seen.
It's getting cooler here and I am happy I love autumn and winter , but then again we do not get the harsh weather you do there

Pumpkin said...

You know I just love your quilts :o) Do you realize that actually have THREE now? Step aside Karen because I was here first! LOL!

Thank you again for all your help. I hope you know how much it is appreciated :o)

Karen said...

nope Cathey perhaps your mum would like to adopt me I am house trained ;o) and you do have 3