Monday, August 25, 2008

Little Creatures

While working at my kitchen window, I happened to look out and in the grass was a tiny baby squirrel trying to get away from a much bigger and more bossy squirrel. Mister boss was really putting a beating on that poor little one. I hollored out but it did nothing to stop the chase. That poor little one kept trying to hide in the grass but to no avail. I was just about ready to go out when Mister boss decided to go away.

We are also getting a whack of female hummingbirds coming to our feeders. Both DH and I are scared to death that the males have already left for the South. If that is the case, it would mean Fall is coming earlier than usual. We are hoping that is not so. We are still planning a couple more camping trips for the next two weekends. Hopefully, the weather will stay warm so we won't have to put the furnace on in the RV. Besides, I would like to have more campfires too.

We live on a beautiful quite large lake that when windy, the waters get pretty choppy. Well, yesterday, one of my neighbours went out in her kayak with her brown lab sitting in the front. You guessed it, the dog did not stay still and both of them ended up in the water. That happened not once but three times. I was talking with her today and she tried to convince me to join her kayaking but I'm not that fond of water. I love to look at the water but I like to stay dry too.



Pumpkin said...

Poor little squirrel :o( I can send Brie over as defense. LOL!

Oh no! I imagine that was quite a sight with Molly and her owner. At least it was a warm day.

You're doing a fabulous job Mom! Keep up the good work :o)

~Tammy said...

I can see where Cathey may get her funny and love of animals!

You tell that bossy what is!

Karen said...

awww I bet ut was a funny sight watching your neighbour land in the drink, I would have given up after the first time , hope the baby squirrel has found somewhere safe to hide