Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hi from Nova Scotia

We have now been in Nova Scotia for over a month and to tell the truth, both DH and I love it very much.  Not only is this province beautiful but we get to spend time with our new Grandson.  He is growing so fast and is now so aware of things and gives us those beautiful smiles that just melts your heart.  Ah well, I am so proud of him and bragging is what a Grammy is suppose to do.  Right!

When we left home to come here, our dear friends and travelling companions have been taking care of our property making sure all is well there.  We keep in touch several times a week.  About one and one-half week ago, they advised us that they were selling their motor home, so DH and I were kind of sad as we thought we lost our travelling companions.  Last weekend, my DH's brother and his wife had come here to visit with us and our Daughter and her family.  Sunday, we had gone touring with them and when we came back, our travelling companions shocked us by being here at the RV Park with a new 5-th wheel and a new vehicle to tow it with.  It was a very pleasant surprise and very enjoyable.  They just left for home this morning.  We have another couple that we travel with that is coming to park here for the weekend.  So for the last week, we have been very very busy. 

On Monday, DH and I are going to spend the day looking after our Grandson as his Mom and Dad have to go to Halifax for another doctor's appointment.  We are looking forward to spending more time with him.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


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Irene said...

A nice surprise that your didn't lose your travelling companions. We are having some very hot weather now, sure beats the rain.