Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow, Snow, Really

We really have had our first snow storm and not just a dusting either. We got 3 plus inches of wet snow and it is still there this morning. It is supposed to be 7 degrees centigrade or around 45 degrees Fahrenheit today so maybe it will go away today. Most of the trees have already lost their leaves but we do have two trees in our yard that have just started to lose their leaves, so that wet snow just laid on them and bent the branches over to almost the ground. Thank heaven it only lasted one day.
DH and I are still over the moon about our grandbaby to be. I already have a baby cheater quilt done and another project on the go. I also want to go to Calais, Maine, to get some baby flannel material to make a couple of baby quilts so DD can have one quilt here and one home to put on the floor to put the baby down. This will also serve as a place for the baby to be put down in front of us so we can just marvel and just enjoy admiring our new bundle of joy. Do I already sound like a grammy? DH and I can hardly contain ourselves.
I have started to read "the Help" and so far I have found it very interesting. The only trouble is I am not finding much time to read anymore. Everyone I have talked to about this book, they have really enjoyed it thoroughly.
Happy Halloween to everyone. We live 2 miles in on a private road and therefore do not get any Trick or Treaters.

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Pumpkin said...

You shouldn't tell all on your Blog because you know I'll read it ;o) I can't wait to see what you've done though!

I want to read that book and see the movie. I haven't read in awhile and just picked up a book again the other day.

We had 68 kids on Halloween night. Seemed low this year.