Monday, March 14, 2011

How Could I Forget?

On Friday and Saturday nights, we usually get together with friends to play cards. So, as usual, on Saturday night, we did play cards at our friends' home and of course, munchies were served. Some of those munchies were nuts and bolts which I just love. Of course, I ate my share of them and forgot to ask if there was garlic added to these. Since they were homemade, I didn't give it a second thought. By the time we got home I was starting to feel sick and went right to bed only to get up an hour later to be sick to my stomach. At first, I thought I was coming down with the flu. I spent Sunday sleeping. Sunday night, these friends called to see how I was and that is when I asked and got the answer to the garlic question. Since I am allergic to garlic, I now know why I was sick. Lesson learned.

Today I feel so much better. The sun is shining, the temperatures are above freezing and I have done a lot of housework, including some quilting. Because of the cold nights and warmer days, the maple trees are already being taped and so, it won't be long before maple syrup and maple sugar will be for sale in the stores. I just love, love, love maple sugar. Thank heaven, it is only out for a short time - that way, I can have it and not have to worry about how much weight I will put on.

Around our area, there has been some people that have been asked to evacuate their homes for fear of flooding. Apparently, the Nashwaak River has developed ice jams and has caused the river to overflow its banks. It has not flooded homes yet and luckily, the weather is being predicted as sunny for a couple of days, so it has slowed down the snow melting. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep the major flooding away.

We are still thankful for where we live, especially since the awful disasters happening in Japan. It is hard to imagine the way those tsunamis and earthquakes happening to anyone. Those poor people! Our prayers are with them!

Must go as I rambled long enough. Take care everyone!


Pumpkin said...

That definitely did NOT sound like fun :o( I guess you're going to have to remember to ask ahead of time. Glad it didn't last long and you're feeling better now :o)

Marion said...

Hmmm...I didn't realize that one could be allergic to garlic, but that explains why I get nausous (sp) when I eat too much garlic in something! I can eat a bit of it, but not too powerful....