Friday, March 4, 2011


If one wants to dream, one may as well dream in technicolor. Right? Well, in Canada, we have a lotto that happens each Friday night. It is called Max Lotto. The jackpot climbs each week it is not won until it reaches $50 millions, and on top of that there is a draw for 20 tickets each worth $1 million. Well, guess what? Tonight is such a night.

DH and I often talk out loud as to what would we do if our ticket won the $50 millions. We like to think that we would not move from our present home as we love it here but it would be fun to change other things. We often say that our priorities would be in helping our relatives - yes, Cathey, you would be first on the list. LOL Actually, DH and I would not refuse the $1 million winning ticket either. It is fun to dream BIG!!!

Well we did get more snow this past week and it is getting ridiculous. The snow banks are so high and it makes it dangerous when people come out of their driveways as they cannot see what traffic is coming. They are calling for rain on Sunday with a +6 C for a temperature. Last night, it was a clear night but with a -26 C - that was cold. No wonder so many people are sick around here. The changes in temperatures are so great. I am feeling much better myself but I am still coughing. DH did catch my cold but he has not been as sick as me with it. With his health issues, I am happy that he was not that sick with his cold.

Have a Great Weekend everyone!


Pumpkin said...

Oh to dream! Well quit dreaming and win it already!!!! ;o) LOL!

With the drastic change in temperature, my arthritis/Fibro has taken a bad turn. I've been up the past few nights with loads of pain :o( Not fun. At least we don't have all that snow to get rid of ;o)

Kathy said...

Hard to believe how much snow you still have! Spring seems to have come here in Maryland. Crocus and mini-daffodils are blooming. It's been cool, but sunny for a couple of days.

I never play the lottery, but it's still fun to imagine what one could do with millions.