Friday, November 21, 2008

Some of our Birds

Here are some of our feathered friends that come to visit us. The first picture is of a chickadee, our New Brunswick bird, which is the most polite of all our birds. It will move over for the other birds that want to feed at the same time as they. The second picture is also of the chickadee. The third picture is of a group of ducks that landed in front of our place. They are coming in groups now as they are getting ready to migrate. The other day, we saw a group of them that included over 150. What a pretty site! These pictures were taken out of our front windows. Love country living.

After seeing pictures of the snow in Nova Scotia, our neighboring Province, I am so happy we did not get all that snow. It is much too early for that. We are going to Moncton on the weekend for a few days and since they are closer to Nova Scotia than us, I hope they don't have snow there. I hate the thoughts of bringing out the snow boots.

My MIL is still in the hospital and the family has been called in by the doctors for December 5th to discuss the next steps. We were speaking with my BIL last night and he seems to think she is getting more mobile now which is great news. Hopefully, the good news will continue to come.

DH went out today to help a friend with his new business so I have the house to myself today. However, I have to do housework and I did bake a pan of brownies to take to Moncton with us. I may get a few minutes to get back to my quilting job this afternoon - hopefully.

Greetings to everyone!


Irene said...

Great pictures ! Hope your MIL improvement continues. I agree, it's way to early for snow.

Rachael said...

Great pics,is that a lake ?
Yummy brownies

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your birds. Last winter there was a pair of cardinals here and they were so pretty against the bare trees. My neighbor has a bird feeder close to my fence so I get to see their birds. Last summer I had a woodpecker that just about drove me crazy at times and then he disappeared. I think he's back. For some reason he pecks on the walls of the house...he must think he's a "brickpecker", because there is no wood...even the eaves are siding! LOL


Karen said...

lovely photos , you have a super view from your house

Pumpkin said...

Great pictures Mom! That chickadee looks some plump :o)

I hope you are careful driving tomorrow. I guess those brownies aren't for me ;o)