Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello Snow!

Yes, we are getting snow here, not as much as Moncton or Nova Scotia but we are having snow and it is windy too. So, we have decided to postpone our trip to Moncton until tomorrow.

On the right is a picture of our hairy woodpecker that visits our feeders. He is a bit bigger than our downy woodpecker but is very similar in the colouring and shape. DH took this picture the other day. This bird is very bossy and will chase any other birds away.

Some of you have asked if we live on a lake. Yes, we do live on the second biggest lake in New Brunswick. We are located in one of the coves of the lake and that is the other side of the cove that is shown in the picture. DH and I winterized what used to be our cottage, sold our big house in the suburbs of Fredericton and retired here at the lake. The only downside is that we have to drive 2 miles or over 3 km on a gravel road through the woods to get to our home. However, once you get through 2 km of woods, there are 11 year round residents and over 20 cottages situated on our side of the lake. We get to see all kinds of wild life, e.g., bobcats, bears, deer, moose, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, skunks, beavers, squirrels, groundhogs, turtles, and of course, all kinds of different birds. So you see, we live in the closest place to heaven.

We heard yesterday that my MIL in scheduled for a pacemaker. DH had one put in 4 days before Christmas last year and it has improved his health - so we are hoping that this might improve her health too. She may rally around enough yet to get back to her apartment - time will tell.

Must go help DH with some of the renovations and have my morning tea! Have a great day everyone!


Suzanne said...

Well, so much for your hope of no snow, huh?

The wildlife sounds somewhat intimidating...especially the skunk! LOL

I continue to pray for your MIL and hope that she recovers soon...


Irene said...

WOW Your place on the lake sounds gorgeous !

Marion said...

Your home sounds absolutely gorgeous! I would love to live on water!!
I like the photo of the woodpecker. I don't know if I'd recognize one actually.
I hope you make it to Moncton tomorrow!!
Take care

Pumpkin said...

Great picture! Careful driving tomorrow and say hi to Gram for me :o)

Alberta said...

Mumzy, your place sounds like a piece of heaven! We have a green belt behind our home and just can't imagine living anywhere else!

King Cole Tea is not available in Alberta...but we have lots of dear family & friends who keep up supplied with a taste of down east whenever they can. DH is also fond of Sussex Golden Ginger Ale! Ahhh...the good things in life!

I'll think of you when I have my next cup of King Cole!

Kathy said...

Enjoyed hearing about your birds. I get a few here - cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, finches (either purple or house, I can't seem to tell the difference) and of course English sparrows. Sometimes a blue jay comes in and with great effort swipes seeds from the feeder with the weight- triggered perch. He manages to flutter his wings frantically and remain in mid-air long enough to snatch a seed.

Glad to hear that your MIL is making some good progress. Hopefully the pacemaker will do the trick and she can go back to her own place.

Your house on the lake sounds wonderful, except for driving on that access road during the winter. Does the local government plow it or are the homeowners responsible for that? I'm very out of practice with winter driving because we don't get much snow here in Maryland. I used to live in western New York and got lots of practice there! Can't say that I miss that.

Take care now.