Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Colours

DH and I went to Moncton on the weekend and on the way down, the trees were starting to be very colourful with the Fall colours. However, when we drove back on Sunday, it was just awesome. The reds and oranges were so brilliant and beautiful. What a lovely drive back!

While away, I visited Fabricville and bought more materials for my working project. I have now decided to do mostly blues and whites for my new quilts. I found some really pretty blue material with tiny little hearts for the backing. I will take some pictures soon and show you the materials I am working with. We are in the middle of renovations, so my time to quilt is minimal and so I'm frustrated. However, I am looking forward to my new rooms being done.

While visiting in Moncton, we were staying with my BIL and found a recipe for Pumpkin Jam. It sounds yummy, so I copied down the recipe. The recipe is a bit confusing about the sugar that is put in the recipe, so I wrote down the e-mail address for the magazine's editor and will get in touch with her to see if she can clarify it. Will let you know how I make out. If I can get the jam to turn out, my guess is that Pumpkin, my DD, will want some.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the refrigerator in the RV, so I'm guessing we are done till next Spring. I always feel sad doing this. However, had to get it done so we can store the RV for the Winter. Maybe, next year when it is time to bring the RV back out, we can park it in DD new location. Yes, Cathey, you are not getting rid of us that easy. LOL

I better get back to work. Have a Great Day!



Pumpkin said...

Can't wait to see the new material :o)

Pumpkin Jam huh? I'm intrigued. If it's as good as your strawberry and raspberry jam, you might have to lock the freezer ;o)

So I guess that means we'll have to get a yard that's big enough for the beasty RV. LOL!

Irene said...

Pumpkin Jam sounds interesting. Hope it turns out.