Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DH is back!

WOOHOO! DH is back home after having to spend almost five days in the hospital. On Friday, he started to have slight pain in his chest and it was starting down his left arm, so I called the ambulance. They came to get him and took him to the hospital that is about 45 minutes away. Since he has a history of heart disease, they wanted to keep him in until Monday, when his cardiologist would be back. By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, the pain was gone and he was pain free all weekend. Monday, when he could have been released, the nurses were afraid he had caught a virus, so in isolation he went until Tuesday morning. He felt fine on Tuesday morning, and therefore, he was allowed to go home.

He has not stopped since he came home. He is a perfectionist and saw all the work that needs to be done at home and so, he has been doing work around - no pain which is good. I took the riding mower yesterday afternoon and mowed the lawn. Because the mower has pickup bags, I was able to pick the leaves at the same time as the mowing. This year the leaves have been more plentiful than I have seen in years. The joys of living in the country.

Today, I decided to make pumpkin pie and at the same time, I made some turnip puff casseroles for the freezer. I don't like turnip alone, but the turnip puff has sugar and eggs and has a nice taste.

This morning we had our first snow flurries - not enough to stick to the ground but snow flurries anyway. To my way of thinking, that is much too soon for this foolishness.

Hope everyone will have a great day!


Pumpkin said...

VERY happy to have Dad home again although I'm NOT happy to hear that he's out working like a trooper. Sigh!

I could go for some pumpkin pie right about now :oP

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad to hear that DH is ok! Wish I was there for the pumpkin pie, but you could have my share of anything turnip! LOL Snow??? The highs are still in the 70s here! LOL Suzanne

Rachael said...

I am so glad your DH is back home and well!

~Tammy said...

Glad to hear your DH is home.

Pumpkin pie sounds like a really good snack with my Pumpkin tea. Yummm.

Take care.

Irene said...

Glad to hear your DH is okay. Pumpkin Pie sounds really good. Snow, did you say SNOW... way to early for that.

Karen said...

glad your DH is home , he should be taking it a little easier
what are turnip puffs? please