Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Busy Day

Believe it or not, but today, I did one more batch of pumpkin jam. Yes, it has been that popular around here. DD and her hubby have been the recipients of three big bottles of it so far. Then some friends and other relatives have also received some, so now after today's batch, I believe I will have enough to do us for the winter.

DH has been doing more renovations in the kitchen area. When we were in Town earlier in the week, I picked up more flooring samples and also picked up samples of counter tops. I already know that my cupboards are going to be white and we have picked the colour we are putting on the walls which is called "fire weed" - a red colour which has kind of burgandy tones. I'm told that dark colours are in right now so I'm getting out of my comfort zone and going with it. I love it when a plan comes together.

When I sat down to watch the last episode of ER that Abby was going to be in, I picked up my swedish weaving and got about 3 inches done on it. I find it hard to just watch TV without picked up some handwork or a puzzle book. My swedish weaving project is on a piece of forest green monk's cloth and the pattern is done in a variegated yarn. I'm not real happy with the yarn - I find it to not be sharp enough in colour. However, I have to get it done as I already have purchased the materials for my next project. It is a beige coloured monk's cloth with a beautiful variegated yarn.

I should get back to my quilts as well - oh dear! Never enough time to do what I want to do. Some retired people claim they are bored -- not me.

Enough rambling for tonight. Must go get my zzz's.


Suzanne said...

Just not enough time to do it all, is there? So you actually finish one project before starting another?! LOL You are my hero!


Irene said...

You think when you retire there will be so much time, but there is never enough time. I would love to see your Swedish Weaving.

brokenfairy said...

Oh I would love to see a photo of the Swedish weaving,That does sound fiddly,Is it?

I love the colours you have chosen for the walls I do like deep reds like Burgandy!

Hugs Rachael

Suzanne said...

I am really enjoying your comments on my blog! The one last night kind of concerned me your DH ok? It is so distressing when a loved one is ill. It must have been the phase of the moon or something. Lots of people I know had a bad day too.

I have been working on this house for 2 yrs now and while it is fun it is also very tiring and tense at times...


Kathy said...

I think your dark red in the kitchen will look really good. I use bright red as an accent in my kitchen, along with dark blue. At this point in time, the walls are pale blue, but they have been that way for a while, so that could change this coming year.

Renovating and remodeling is such fun - not while you are enduring the mess, but when you get the final results. Hope yours turns out just the way you want it. Luckily paint can always be easily changed.

Pumpkin said...

You know I have to disagree with you on that Swedish Weaving project. It does look beautiful :o)

DH is getting a bit of an idea what it would like to be retired and he says the same thing. I agree, there are just too many other things to do besides work ;o)