Monday, April 11, 2011

Finally Finished

I finally finished this queen sized quilt. It has been a long process as I have had many interruptions on this one. We had visitors and had to go away a few times as well and of course, Christmas holidays came in there as well. However, I wanted to do a bright blue and bright yellow quilt for quite some time so here it is. I had done one with those colors before but somehow it ended up with my daughter. Once she saw it, it was gone. I hand quilted this
quilt with white thread and I am pleased with the contrast.

I have also been busy walking almost every day for a couple of weeks now. I have progressed my walk to 7 km (4.2 m) now and that will probably stay. Today, however, it is raining here and I will have to use my treadmill which I don't like as well. The 7 km takes me to our post office mailboxes so I am able to pick up our mail the days I walk that distance.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Calais, Maine, and we went shopping at Wal-Mart. I found some Monk's cloth at a really good price so I bought 2 yards of white to start another afghan done in swedish weaving. I like to have something like that to do when we are travelling or camping. Now I have to find some yarn in colours that I like and I also have to sew the ends of the cloth and wash and dry it. Then I can start. I am also thinking about my next quilt - I am sort of leaning on making a scrap quilt like the old fashioned ones that our elders used to make. I do have enough materials here to do more than a dozen quilts, so I have to use some of it up before I dare buy any more materials.

Our snow is going quite fast now, especially yesterday when the temperatures reached 14C (about 58F). It was a beautiful day, so much so that after supper DH and I went for a bike ride. The hills were a killer on the legs but if we keep going every fine day, we should build up our legs in no time. When we were in Florida last year, we biked a lot. We have friends there that love to bike and lots of days, the four of us would go biking for the whole afternoons. It was fun.

Must go as I have a date with the treadmill soon. Have a great week everyone.


Kathy said...

I sure admire you for all the walking you do! I'm pleased if I walk a mile a couple of times a week.

The latest quilt is beautiful! It must have taken a lot of sewing to do all that hand-quilting. I will be hand-quilting the quilt I made while I was at Kate's. I think, however, that I will use buttons or ties, rather than a lot of stitching. I'm not fond of sewing with a needle and thread!

Irene said...

WOW the quilt is beautiful ! Good for you to be doing all that walking. I use every excuse I can think of not to :) We are having more cold and wet days than the nice ones.

Pumpkin said...

WOW! Great job Mom! You're lucky you're not close by now because you might have another quilt go missing ;o) You should be very proud of this one.

Sounds like you're getting the outdoor fever.

Marion said...

Your quilt is stunning!!!!! Looks like you may have to hide it when your daughter comes to visit though....LOL....we are planning on meeting up some day for lunch when the weather gets better.
How much did you pay for Monk's cloth? I am heading to Maine tomorrow.
Take care