Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice Visits

My brother-in-law and his wife were here for a visit on November 6th and we noticed this scenery looking out our front windows. We took this picture looking across the lake we live on. Every once in a while, the sunsets are outstanding and we are always amazed at how quickly the scenery changes. We do enjoy living here. This month, so far, has been warmer than usual, even if we have had more rain than usual but the forecast is for colder weather on the weekend.
DH is still having chest pains and so, it does not look like we will be heading south this year. He is scheduled for more tests but as yet, they can't seem to find out what causes this pain. He has been in the hospital twice, has had stress tests, blood tests, and other tests but still no answer. He claims the pain is not severe but bothersome.
DH and I took a trip to visit our daughter and her husband last week. We had a wonderful visit and we really enjoyed it. DH and my son-in-law did some work on their garage and my DD and I did some shopping and also did some sea glass hunting. We took one day and did some touring as well. However, quite a few of the tourist shops are now closed but if you are lucky enough to find some still opened, they have great sales. I want to take this opportunity to thank DD and my son-in-law for their hospitality and for the great visit.
Must run and it is almost lunch time and all I did this morning has been on the computer. Housework is still awaiting me! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Kathy said...

What a wonderful photo! Sunsets across water are always special. I never see sunsets at my house, as the trees to the West block the view.

I'm sorry to hear that the doctors can't figure out why your husband has chest pains. Hope they find out soon and that it is something minor and easily cured.

Irene said...

The sunset is gorgeous. My only view is of trees and high rises :( Hope the drs. figure out what is bothering your husband soon.

Pumpkin said...

Wow! Great picture!

We enjoyed having you as well :o) I think you came at the right time because it's been raining...again! LOL!

Take care of dad. Hopefully they figure things out soon for him.

Marion said...

Gorgeous scenery!!
I am so sorry your DH is not feeling well!!! I hope he soon finds out what is wrong!
Have not Blogged lately...thinking about re-vamping my blog a bit...
Take care