Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi I'm back!

After being away for almost three months, we are finally back home. The house was fine but while we were away, there was an ice storm here and as a result, a lot of damage to the trees on our property. We came home to the lawns full of broken branches - what a mess! We got right at it this past week and as of Friday, we have it all cleaned up. We love having a fair amount of property but at times, it can be very taxing on the old bodies.

While we were away, we had a great time. Played a lot and relaxed a lot. We were fortunate to have gone to Naples because it was warmer down there than upper Florida. Everyone was complaining about the cold but it wasn't bad where we were. We played horseshoes, bicycled quite a bit, went to Swamp Buggy Races, went to flea markets, etc. I hated having to come home but once we were on our way home, I couldn't wait to get here.

We were happy to find when we got here that the ice is out of the Lake and the loons, the ducks, the goldfinches, the purple finches, the Canada geese are all back. It is so nice to see the wildlife back.

Hope everyone had a great winter and do have a great day.


Daffycat said...

Welcome home, Mumzy! It sounds as though you had a great time!

Irene said...

Sounds like a great time. Isn't it nice to miss the winter months for warmer weather :)

Pumpkin said...

I know I for one am happy to have you home again :o) It's nice to be able to talk to you whenever I want to now!

I'm glad you had a great time in Florida. I only wish I could experience and see these places that you go to.

It is nice to see the wildlife back. We had two Harry Woodpeckers playing in the trees today :o)

Kathy said...

Welcome home! Glad you are back online. Sounds like your winter in Florida was a good one. You aren't the only ones still cleaning up damage from the winter. I had to take down a juniper, but the good part is that I have new space in my backyard flower bed. Haven't decided what to put there.

Marion said...

So nice to have you back! Missed you!!