Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here It Is

WooHoo!!! Finally finished! This is the end of my latest project. It took a lot longer than planned but I had a lot of interruptions, between going away on trips, having renovations done on our home, having visitors, and having to do outside work on the landscaping around our home.
This quilt is called a sampler quilt and the top was done when I took a quilting course. We were given a pattern block per week and then we would go home and design a block that would use that particular pattern and finish it for the next class. I enjoyed most of the block except the Celtic one. I don't particularly like applique, so my reason for not enjoying that one. The hand quilting was done in the ditches on the blocks and then I quilted designs on the blue borders and on the black borders. It is queen size too which took longer to quilt.
On the weekend of May 22nd, three units including, our friends, my brother and his wife and DH and I all packed up and went to the Pumpkin Patch in the Bangor, Maine, area and spent 5 days camping there. While there, the ladies of the camping party went shopping for quilting materials seeing all of us quilt. I found some gorgeous material and now, I have to find a pattern that will make the most of this new fabric. I have to use it up soon as I have no more room to store any extra material. I really think I must be addicted to buying quilting material. LOL
This week has been very nice weather wise but it has brought out the black flies and mosquitoes in full force. Whenever I do the wash, I hang it outside and it seems to send out the attack order to those darn insects. Last week, I put in my flower plants in the little flower garden along our back walkway. Again, those insects were out in full force but I wore my bug suit so I could finish that job.
Like I said before, it has been a very busy Spring and looking like it is going to be a very busy Summer for us. I am really looking forward to visiting Cathey and her hubby around June 21st. They will be in their new home by then, but we have to be in the Shediac area for June 20th, so we are taking our 5th wheel and we are going to park at a campground near where they live. It should be a wonderful visit.
Have a Great Day everyone!


Karen said...

oh wow thats fab!!!!!!

brokenfairy said...

I really admire you for being able to do quilts, I have recently bought one for my Daughter off a friend who quilts, It is a skill to get all the blocks level!!

Marion said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!! I envy all quilters!

Aw,,,,sure I can't pass some of those black flies on to you???
We have plenty here..really we do..


Kathy said...

What a wonderful quilt! No wonder it took you a long time to finish it.

I know exactly what you mean about being addicted to buying fabric. I'm not even really into quilting, so far, but I am really into buying interesting fabric. I check fabric stores wherever I go.

Alberta said...

Love the quilt, especially the cathedral window block.Lots of contrast and movement with the colours you's a beauty!
Happy camping...hope the black flies don't follow you.

Pumpkin said...

Well you know that I love it because I got to see it in person :o) I'm so glad that you brought it when you came to visit. We definitely enjoyed your company!

Glad you have all the bugs. You can keep them too ;o) LOL!