Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry to Have Been Away So Long

Well folks, here is one reason that I have been absent from blogging. My DH has done a beautiful job and I am very proud of him. I now have a wonderful kitchen and don't have any reason not to cook. - Good thing I love cooking.

We have also been very busy trying to get the lawn raking. We have a fairly big area for lawn and we have lots of trees around. Because of the very windy winter and spring, there were tons of broken branches on the lawn. Since we had to get those off the lawn before we could do any lawn cutting.

Last weekend, we decided to go visit my daughter and her hubby in their new location in Nova Scotia. It was an absolute wonderful weekend and it was so great seeing them again. Of course, Brie spent most of her time on grammy's lap. She is still the cutest. DH and her hubby took us all around touring their area and we even walked trails in one park. We also got to see some seals off shore - it was fun. We are looking forward to another trip there in the not too distant future. Thanks for the great weekend!

We have also been taking trips to Moncton to visit my MIL. She has settled in quite well in the Special Care Home and is as happy as can be expected. It is a beautiful home and we are happy that she could settle in there.

I have also been working on my quilt any time I had a minute. I have quilted over three quarters of it, so I should be able to finish it fairly soon. I am getting happier with this quilt now that I have quilted a fair amount of it.

Best get going as I want to watch "Survivor" which is coming on TV shortly.

Till next time!


Irene said...

WOW That is one beautiful kitchen !

brokenfairy said...

I don't blame you that Kitchen is just gorgeous!! Glad you got to spend some time with Cathey!!

Kathy said...

what a wonderful kitchen. Worth waiting for! Glad you are back in blog-land. Hope to see your latest quilt soon - when it's finished.

WendyCarole said...

great kitchen. The loaf looks scrmmy too

Pumpkin said...

I agree, the kitchen looks fantastic! Dad did a superb job as always :o)

DH and I had a wonderful time with you both and we look forward to you coming back down :o) We'll have to plan some more adventures and hopefully the next time it won't include ticks! LOL!

Daffycat said...

Oh wow...gorgeous kitchen! I LOVE the cutwork(?)design over the cabinets ~ beautiful!

Suzanne said...

What a great-looking kitchen!

I'm glad to hear that your MIL is doing can be so hard for the older folks to adjust sometimes.

Karen said...

wow your DH did a fab job on your kitchen