Monday, December 1, 2008

New E-Mail Address

This past weekend DH and I went to help DD to do some packing. While we were there, DD decided to pass on her older computer to me as DH and I were using the same computer for our computer needs. Now that I blog, it was taking some computer time away from DH and so DD was kind enough to let me have one of hers.

Well, DH is the computer expert in our household and so he proceeded to set me up on this new to me computer and then set me up with my "OWN" e-mail address. WOOHOO!!! For those who occasionally e-mail me direct, it is now and so I changed it on the Blogger site. All comments should now reach me at my new address.

DH uses the other computer a lot as he draws the plans on it for all the new renovations that we are doing in our home, and therefore, I used to have to wait till he was done or else wait till the next day.

When we got up this morning, all the trees were covered with ice. It was a pretty picture but I was too late getting the camera out and so, for the most part, the ice was pretty much gone.

I have got back to working on my snowman quilt today. I am almost finished the cutting of the squares. I was cutting in between helping DH with running wires through the walls so we can relocate our stove and refrigerator. Never a dull moment.

Must go now as I want to watch "Boston Legal". I find it quite funny. Everyone have a great day tomorrow!


Irene said...

Great that you have your own computer now. I've heard Boston Legal is a good show, but I've yet to see a full episode. Will have to get the back seasons and catch up with it.

Suzanne said...

Woohoo! Your own computer! LOL

Now you will never get time to quilt b/c you'll be on the computer all the time (or at least if you are like me you will...LOL)


Rachael said...

Oh you lucky thing a computer all to yourself!!, will update my email address book :0)

Marion said...

I saw on our news where your area got ice Thankfully we escaped "this storm".
Nice that you have your own computer....I got my own a couple of months ago and now wonder what I did without it. DH uses his for work alot.
Take care

Karen said...

we had frosts last night/this morning probably not as harsh as you get but still very pretty, hope you enjoy your own computer

DH said...

Nice to get my computer back. Maybe now I can get the drawings for the cabinets completed!!!!

Pumpkin said...

Glad the computer could come out of hiding and is now being put to good use :o)

Dad sure put his two cents worth in on the subject! LOL!