Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Leafy Day

WooHoo! DH and I are finally done raking leaves. What a pain that is and not only having to rake them but also the muscles used to rake. OUCH! We rake all day on Monday, and by evening, I did not know how to move - I was hurting. Yesterday, we had to go to Fredericton for one of my favorite (yah) doctor's visit -gynecologist, oh Lord! The only silver lining in this visit is that it is over for another year. LOL

Today, DH and I finished the raking of the leaves and surprisingly enough, I'm not sore yet. Hope I feel fine tomorrow. So, tomorrow it is back to Fredericton for my second favorite doctor's visit - the dentist. I don't know what is up this week with all these visits. Again, the only good thing about it - if all is well tomorrow, is we are good for 6 months.

Well, we are finally getting a break on television in regards to having no more political commercials. Yahoo! Having had worked with provincial politicians for 32 years before I retired, I don't care to hear them on television. Maybe, that is the reason I took early retirement. Don't get me wrong, I did work for some really fine politicians but some of them were not so nice.

As most of you know, DD and her husband are going to be moving away in the Spring. That is going to be a shock to old mother hen here but I know that her DH is pursuing his dreams and I wish them both nothing but the best. DH and I realize that DD and her husband are starting on a new life path and we hope it will lead to a very happy life, no matter where they end up.

Enough rambling for now. Everyone, have a great evening and a great day tomorrow!


Pumpkin said...

Again, you're working too hard >:o( I'm glad you're done.

Just think, you'll have a new place to go camping so it won't be all that bad ;o)

Suzanne said...

You want to come rake mine??? I got up this morning and my back yard was literally covered! It's like they all just quit hanging on overnight! LOL


Irene said...

Thankfully we don't have leaves, I mean just not close to me :) Lots of rain the last few days, so much so that we have almost more than we get for the month. So in those areas where they have leaves, lots of flooded streets.

Kathy said...

I guess I'm lucky on the leaves. Almost all our trees are out back, so their leaves fall in the 'woods' where they can just stay and enrich the soil. I do get a few blown around the front yard. If I wait long enough, they might blow onto my neighbors yard!