Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swedish Weaving

For those of you who wanted to see some of my swedish weaving, here are three of them. The one on the left was my first attempt at it so I followed the exact pattern. After that I got brave and mixed patterns on the other two pieces. Once you have the Monk's cloth ready and the thread counted so you find the middle, the rest of it is so easy that I watch TV and stitch away. This is quite similar to cross stitching, except that it is larger stitching and therefore, not as hard on the eyes for us old fogies. LOL

Our fox did return yesterday morning but was not close enough to photograph. We have yet to see him today. It has been pouring rain here today, so maybe he didn't want to get wet.

MIL has been admitted to the hospital and hopefully will improve now under the doctor's care. It has been a bit stressful this week so far with her illness along with DD's DH leaving for 7 weeks for his training. We know he has wanted this career for a long time, so go P go. DD is going to get sick of me telephoning her to see if she is o.k. That is what mothers are for, right?

Yesterday, we looked out on the front of our house, and there was at least 150 ducks swimming by and diving for food. What a sight! I think that has been the most I have seen on the lake at one time.

Until our next post, have a great time!


Suzanne said...

I always wondered what Swedish weaving was! I hope you MIL is improving...she and your family will bein my thoughts and prayers...Suzanne

Marion said...

Beautiful swedish weaving! I do that as well!!
Hello from Nova Scotia by the way..


Pumpkin said...

Projects look good. Did you finish the green one yet???? ;o)

No, not getting sick of you...yet. LOL!

Funny but there has been no wildlife here. I kind of miss seeing the critters around.

Irene said...

Your swedish weaving is lovely. I might just dig mine out and see what I have left to do and get it finished. Hope your MIL is doing better.

Kathy said...

Glad to hear your MIL is doing better. Your family has had more than its share of health problems lately.

Your Swedish weaving is lovely. Looks like more fun than cross-stitch.

You must love living where you can watch wild creatures from your windows. I live in the suburbs, but with a stream and trees behind my house, I do see deer sometimes. There is a fox, but I haven't seen it so far. We also have less desireable visitors such as the mice that want to live with us inside for the winter and the woodchucks that will eat all the yellow flowers and are not afraid of anything or anyone. A neighbor tried to chase one and the darn animal turned around, showed its teeth and growled at her!

Happy Halloween!